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The Woodrow Wilson Foundation, Inc. was established in 2004 to augment the facilities, technology, and programs at Woodrow Wilson Middle School. The Foundation Board, guided by the Principal, uses funds raised to go beyond the basic needs covered by state and county funding.

In past years, the Foundation has provided a computer lab, restoration of the hardwood floors in the hallways, tables and umbrellas for outside the lunchroom, murals in the library media center, lunchroom, and auditorium, SMART boards, ELMO document cameras, additional classroom sets of textbooks as well as professional development for teachers and staff. More recently, the Foundation has provided security cameras, short throw projectors, tablets, the video lab, and substitute teachers to cover while our classroom teachers are at trainings. 

What happens within these walls is truly special and we as parents are blessed to have such a wonderful group of teachers, staff, and administration. I encourage everyone to find a way to become involved and invested in Woodrow Wilson Middle School.

Ria Diasti

WW Foundation, President

WW Foundation Logo 


The purpose of the Woodrow Wilson Middle School Foundation is to:

  • Receive donations and grants of money or property of any kind or value and disperse funds in order to preserve and record the history of Woodrow Wilson Middle School

  • Promote public education

  • Support the curriculum of Woodrow Wilson Middle School

  • Beautify Woodrow Wilson Middle School and its grounds

  • Advance any other lawful purpose not for pecuniary profit that relates to Woodrow Wilson Middle School

  • Advance such other exclusive religious, charitable, scientific, literary, and educational purpose within the meaning of Section 501(C)(3)


Contact the Board:

Ria Diasti, President

Colleen Faucett, Principal

Jenny-Ellen Russell, Treasurer

Jim Warner, Secretary

Athena Dicus

Warren Fisher

Shannon Gittleman

Eve Gloede

Kristin Morris

Laura Tibbals


Since its inception in 2004, the Foundation has raised more than $375,000.  This generous support has allowed the Foundation to accomplish the following goals:


  • Replaced the hardwood floors on the second and third floor hallway

  • Created a reading garden and outdoor classroom for students and faculty

  • Eliminated the need for lockers through the continued purchase of classroom sets of textbooks

  • Paid teachers and coaches for help sessions and exam reviews

  • Purchased ELMO document projectors to improve the classroom teaching environment

  • Updated the student and teacher lunchrooms and teacher lounge including murals, flooring and furniture

  • Enhanced the award-winning art and music programs

  • Redecorated the school entrance, lobby and main office areas

  • Continued beautification of the school campus

  • Purchased video monitors, DVD's, printers, outdoor PA system, laptops and SmartBoards

  • Installed school-wide wireless access

  • Supported teacher training and workshops

  • Purchased tables and umbrellas for the outside seating area

  • Painted interior of school including the gym and the murals

  • Purchased new clocks for all classrooms

  • Purchased new video lab equipment to be used for the Morning Show production

  • Purchased security cameras and controlled access door keypads

  • Paid for substitute teachers to help during testing

  • Purchased short throw projectors and tablets for all classrooms to enhance the interactive teaching environment
  • Funded start of Agriculture program
  • Purchased new sound system
  • Tuned the Piano


  • Purchase a ticket to one of our fundraising events open to all parents in the fall and spring of each school year
  • Become a Business Partner
    • This program also supports the PTSA and the school
    • For more information, see the Bulldog Sponsors section of the website
  • Purchase a Birthday Broadcast for your student
    • see link under PARENTS